If your energy supplier has ceased trading, we’ll provide an update on your case as soon as Ofgem nominate a 'Supplier of Last Resort' to take over as your new supplier. Until that time we appreciate your patience and recommend you take a meter reading.

More information on our SoLR process is available here .

Complaining isn't easy. We make sure it's fair.

If you have an unresolved complaint with your energy or communications provider, we may be able to help.

Hello, we're Ombudsman Services.

We resolve disputes between consumers and companies that are signed up to our scheme. Our service is free, impartial and simple to use.

About us

Before you can submit a complaint to us you should have:

  • Logged a formal complaint with your provider.
  • Worked with your provider to resolve the complaint.
  • Received a deadlock letter or not received a satisfactory resolution after 8 weeks (6 weeks for energy complaints about SSE).
  • Gathered any evidence you have.
Done, I'm ready to complain


How it works.

There are a few things you need to do before submitting a complaint about your energy or communications provider.

1 Complain to your provider.

When you first notice the issue, you should contact your provider to log a formal complaint.

2 Work with your provider.

Hopefully your provider will be able to fix the problem. If not, it's always good to chase to check that the provider is still dealing with the complaint. Send a follow up email or letter and keep a record.

3 Escalate the complaint to us

If the provider is unwilling to resolve the complaint, they should send you a deadlock letter referring you to us. If not, you can still escalate the complaint to us if it's unresolved after 8 weeks (6 weeks for energy complaints about SSE).

4 We'll help resolve the complaint

We'll pass the details to your provider and they might resolve the issue at this stage. If not we'll review the evidence to find a fair resolution.

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We base our decision on the evidence submitted by both parties . If you choose to accept our final resolution your supplier has 28 days to comply. Our resolutions are enforceable in court.

How it works

What could you expect from a resolution:

  • An apology.
  • An explanation of what went wrong.
  • A practical action to correct the problem.
  • A financial award (subject to a limit).
  • Recommendations to the company to avoid similar problems happening again.

We work to make services better so that complaints become fewer.

In 2017 we resolved 91,678 complaints across 500 companies in the energy and communications sector.

91,678 complaints resolved in 2017.

Ready to complain?

Start by checking if your supplier is signed up to our scheme.

Start your complaint
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